Monday, June 04, 2007

Owl in Love, by Patrice Kindl, 1993

14-year old Owl Tycho is in love with her science teacher, Mr. Lindstrom. Hers is no ordinary schoolgirl crush; she's chosen her mate for life, for she is a were-owl, daughter of witches with owl blood in the family, er, tree. But even her unblinking obsession with Mr. Lindstrom, who sleeps in nothing but Fruit of the Looms size 34, suffers distraction when she discovers a deranged boy lurking in the woods outside her beloved's house. Innovative and convincing first-person fantasy, a forerunner in its genre. If Owl's voice felt overly formal at times, well, she's an owl. Strongly recommended.

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chelle said...

Sometimes I like Patrice Kindle, sometimes not. In the midst of an absurd plot, she creates real teenage characters who behave in all of the silly, petty, imaginative teenage ways that drive me nuts. None of those mature-before-their-time Diceys for her. This book, and "The Girl in the Wall," hooked me with her new, haunting plots and characters. Kindle's version of the Goose Girl was more teenager than I could take.