Thursday, November 29, 2007

Clay, by David Almond, 2005

Is Stephen Rose disturbed, or daft, or devilish? Maybe all three. That's why he was expelled from Catholic school and sent home, then from there to live with his aunt, Crazy Mary in the town where Davie and Geordie, circa 1960, are busy doing nothing but sneaking cigarettes and avoiding Mouldy, the town heavy. Stephen Rose is freaky-odd, to say the least. He sees visions, talks to angels, and has artist's hands that can make clay practically come alive. Psychological and supernatural, frightfully uncertain and unsettling. Excellent young adult horror; but then, when does David Almond ever disappoint? Strongly recommended.

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Susan said...

I've been taking a look around peoples blogs and stopped at yours. I've not read Clay by David Almond, but did meet him recently at a writers day in Winchester, England. He was a really down to earth bloke. I got him to sign my copy of Skellig and his new book My Dad's a Birdman illustrated by Polly Dunbar. The illustrations are brilliant. I've still got to write this up on my blog.